About My Blue Sky

John Gallagher - Vocals and Guitar 

After growing up in New York John traveled to Colorado in the 80’s. He fell in love with the Colorado lifestyle and never looked back. He sings and plays guitar. John composed the award-winning song “My Heart’s With You”, included on the album from the Colorado Composers Classic II and recorded with the band Capitol Gains. 
“My first concert ever was The Allman Brothers at Madison Square Garden in 1973. It’s what made me want to play music!



Tim Kestle - Guitars and Vocals

Tim likes to tell people he started playing guitar back when “All the members of Led Zeppelin were alive”. Tim loves the improvisation and jamming that he gets to do with My Blue Sky and tries to share that love with the audience.

He’s played every kind of music imaginable including blues, disco, bebop, country, prog, metal and even polka! (He grew up in Wisconsin after all). In recent years he’s been seen around town playing with The Usual Suspects and as a fill in for numerous other acts.  records with his own original prog rock band Every Waking Hour.

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Troy Benns - Guitars

Troy Benns is a Colorado native and grew up in Littleton, Colorado. He started playing guitar at 12 years of age and has played a little (or a lot) every day since then. Once Troy discovered guitar, he also found that his passion for different musical styles grew. One style of music that truly resonated with him was Southern Rock, especially the music of the Allman Brother Band. Troy is thrilled to now be able to help preserve this greatly influential music with My Blue Sky. His passion to play live and the love of everything guitar is something he still enjoys. Troy has worked at music stores helping match the perfect guitar with the right owner since he was 16 years old, and has played countless gigs in Colorado, and across the United States for many decades. His influences are pretty much anyone who inspires and connects to others through guitar. Randy Rhoads, Peter Green, Duane Allman, Robin Trower, Clapton, the 3 Kings, Johnny Winter, Alvin Lee, Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Frank Marino, Danny Gatton, Roy Buchanan, and many others.  



Jamie McGregor - Drums and Vocals

Jamie, a Colorado native, began his drum journey at the age of 3 when a neighbor gave him a toy drum set in an attempt to annoy his parents.
Family annoyances aside, drumming quickly became his favorite pastime and he started seriously studying the drums in the 5th grade. With the bands Singularity and Pindral, he has recorded four albums and played several live shows, both in Colorado and abroad. He currently is a member of Stencil Forest, Brothers of the Son, and My Blue Sky. 



Dan Jones - Drums and Vocals

Much like his friend Jamie, Dan began playing drums while in elementary school, following in his older brother's stick steps. 
Over the years, Dan has played in a variety of bands and styles including jazz, blues, country and rock.  He has recorded with Frank Bechter, Three Frivolous Bards, the Grinnell College Jazz Band, The Lee Thomas Band, and The Usual Suspects (not the same as Tim Kestle’s band).  He has performed hundreds of gigs with the latter two bands and other projects since 1990, and now is thrilled to be a part of My Blue Sky, particularly beside Jamie “brother from another mother” McGregor.  Drummers who have inspired him the most include Neil Peart, Bill Bruford, Phil Collins, Stuart Copeland, Mike Portnoy and Dave Weckl.



David Brandt - Bass and Vocals

David came to Colorado in 1983 playing with the jazz fusion band Ground Zero and later toured with Denver based QUBZ for the rest of the 80’s. Fast forward to 2013 and David became one of the founding members of My Blue Sky. David’s passion for the music of the Allman Brothers Band comes from the deep soul connection to their music and the focus on the band as a family of brothers and sisters. David is honored to perform this music with the talented brothers in My Blue Sky



Rob Smith - Keyboards "Radiatin' the 88"

Rob began his musical explorations when he was twelve years old playing a small portable organ. He taught himself to read music and began playing any music he could find. During the 70’s he studied the organ and piano, while playing keyboards in local NY rock bands. Though he played a variety of music, his main influences were progressive rock bands—ELP, Yes, Dixie Dregs, Zappa and classic blues musicians, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, and BB King. After moving to Colorado and starting a family, Rob switched gears and studied jazz and classical music with local professionals. He rejoined the rock scene playing with a variety band until he found a home with My Blue Sky. Robert describes joining My Blue Sky as “an incredible opportunity for me to explore great music with a group of very talented musicians”. 



After spending 18 years in the San Francisco Bay area in the music industry, Marco adopted Colorado as his new home in 1999.  He started playing guitar at 9 years of age, then took up bass while touring with several Windham Hill Artists in the late 90s.  He has decades of experience in the studio & live touring as a sound engineer & performer.  As well ... he has served on the Board of Governors for the San Francisco Chapter of The Recording Academy formerly known as NARAS.  Marco has since made his mark in the Denver metro area performing with some of the best local talent in Colorado.  10 years with his band Mother Lode ... 6-plus years with Brothers of the Son ... Owner of Kermitts’ Roadhouse from 2005 to 2012 ... and currently serving as Director of Artist Relations at one of Colorado’s hottest, newly renovated music venues, The Buffalo Rose.  This little fella is still hitting it hard! After a 2-year residency with MBS from 2020 to 2022, Marco is very proud to be reunited with My Blue Sky!